Тhe project “Promoting agriculture with High Nature Values (HNV) and agri - environmental payments through civil society organizations in Macedonia " has been Implemented in Republic of Macedonia, by the Ecologist’s Movement of Macedonia (DEM) and the Center for Civic Initiative - Prilep (CCI), in cooperation and support of two international NGOs - Avalon from the Netherlands and the Institute for European Environmental Policy (IEEP) from Great Britain, as well as The Marketing Heaven, which led the campaign on social media in order to raise awareness about the importance of HNV farming systems for biodiversity conservation in Macedonia.

     The project  is focused on the positive benefits of certain types of agriculture in Macedonia in order to protect our valuable habitats and important species of flora and fauna. The goal of the project is to contribute towards halting biodiversity loss on High Nature Value (HNV) farmland in Macedonia. Project activities are devoted to:

1. Presentation and applying of the concept of the High Nature Values (HNV) farming system of different types of agriculture established in Macedonia.

2. Raised awareness about the importance of HNV farming systems for biodiversity conservation in Macedonia

3. Taking the first steps to support and encourage the continuation of the existence of HNV farming system, which are found in many regions of our country.

     Partners have prepared study for HNV farming in Macedonia – including simple typology of farming systems, draft map of HNV farmland and 3 local case studies. In this study has been made identification of the biodiversity and other “hidden values” of HNV farming systems.

      Also has been prepared “HNV Handbook for Macedonia”, and have been organized local seminars for the farmers in Mariovo, Galicnik and Lakavica and have been identified the challenges they face, have been informed for opportunities for improving their livelihoods, and have been identified their needs.

      This project and project activities has improved the capacities of 23 environmental organizations in Macedonia, members of the DEM network, has contributed towards improvement of the communication between environmental organizations and farmers on one side with responsible institutions for HNV farming system in Macedonia (ministries, agencies), has promoted the “hidden values” of traditional, low intensity farming systems in Macedonia and has informed and educated farmers in Macedonia.

       The project has been implemented in the period of October 2009 to March 2012, and is financed by MATRA - Social transformation program.